Sunday, September 30, 2012


Addendum - !!!

I created a shell script to post my blogs. See how much I am learning! Ok, so it's as easy as saving a file with the google CL code that I need to post to
my blog. I can go in there and change the file name which I am uploading. I then save the file and then just do: sh postblog , and BAM! it runs the command and
the post is uploaded. Shell scripts are going to make all this command line stuff way easier.

I read online and it said to put: !#/bin/bash at the front of my file in order to execute the bash script. I did it, but it did give me an error, but ran the script
anyway and the post uploaded. So??!? I dunno about that first part, if that really needs to be in the file, or maybe I mislabeled? I'll figure it out eventually. The
good news is, it works! BAM! Getting more and more pro every day.


Not too much to report today, I did have a little bit of time to adventure in linux. I was having some problems reading the mail in the system mail.
System mail is accessed by simply typing 'mail' and the shell prompt. It's very archaic, and only really works on a local network, but I still think
it's a neat feature that is backbone in linux/unix. I probably won't ever get the opportunity to use this nerdliness in real life, but I think
it is neat that it exists. ANYWAY - the problem I was having is that my user ID was not allowed to view my own mail file in /var/mail. It kept
saying 'permission denied' , using SUDO mail doesn't work either, as that accesses mail for ROOT. I needed to change the permissions on the file
/var/mail/userid , so I just navigated to that file and did: sudo chmod 777 userid , this gave global read/write access on that file. There's nothing
important in that file at this point, so I really don't nead to worry about access to it. Now, I can absolutely read messages sent to my user id in unix.
There aren't really any messages though, as I don't have anyone writing to me on my local network.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Last night's attempts to get the gui working through a SSH didn't go so well.
I can totally access my linux box, but I keep geting Xauth errors when I try to invoke x11 forwarding to
the screen I am accessing the computer from. I am sure there must be some totally simple thing that I
missing that would make it happen no problem.

In other news, I downloaded a different terminal emulator to work with, iterm2. It goes into a nice full
screen mode, which is nice for writing, and pushing out all distractions. I want to try to find some good
text-only sites with articles or academic papers I can read. There has to be something on some college's
servers, right? There has to be!!

I still haven't figured out what I want to do with all this command line silliness. It's not like I
want to suddenly become a programmer. I am far off from that, I don't even think I can begin to have
the tools to be effective with that. I just think it's super funky to bring my computer back in time with
me a good 20 years. It's back where I should have been paying attention. ha.

Blah. Guess I should get off my ass and do some yard work. Happy webbing everyone!

Friday, September 28, 2012


Oh happy day! It's fah-rye-day!

So, My experiments in computing went well last night. I was able to connect to my linux box from my mac, SSH, a whole new world has opened up to me.
I was not able to get the Xauth to work though, so I was stuck in non-gui land, but that's okay. It's something I am trying to familiarize myself with
more anyway. I liked that I SSH'd to a public Unix server while I was already in a SSH from my mac to my linux box. Neat!

The next step I think is to figure out how to connect to my home computer while on my work's network. I read that I will have to get my external IP on my connection.
(no idea how to get that). The IP on the local network will change randomly because it is DHCP, not I realize this and the alias I cleverly created won't work
forever. I guess I should be able to update that specific IP to a static one to make connecting on SSH simpler, I can just type the name of the computer and
it will connect. I think I can also specify a password to enter as well so that I don't have to type it in every time.

I also want to see if there are any kind of network tools I can use to see computers attempting to connect to my network. There has to be something like that out there.

Ok, so I am done writing today's episode. Now to see if I can remmeber how to upload this to blogger from the command line.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


This has to be the weirdest possible way to keep a log. In a hidden directory
IN Unix. Talk about random ways of storing secrets. I should do things
this way though. I need to become a master of the command line. For what
reason you ask? Well, for the sake of hobby of course. Also on my list are
Learning to fish and building a homebrew setup.

Peace out.

 (above was written in NANO editor and uploaded via Google CL)